Jennifer Adamson

Welcome to an entirely new paradigm.

Thank you for listening to the podcast. I love sharing my story and hope that it resonates in some way.

The days of burning out and depleting yourself to accomplish your goals no longer has a place at the table with this new paradigm. 

This is a place where high-achieving women can truly have it all when it comes to acquiring massive wealth and attracting epic love. 

Where your feminine leadership and energy aren’t just celebrated; it’s your Superpower to attracting your heart’s deepest desires!

To show my appreciation, below are some gifts for you to start learning a new skill set to achieve your goals with massive fulfillment, joy and ease.

Wealth Expansion Meditation

Wealth Expansion Meditation

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Manifesting Inner Circle Group Coaching

The Secret Advantage to End Burnout and Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism

If you are a successful, driven woman who...

  • Feels dissatisfied with life despite having reached major "milestones" like earning a high wage & obtaining big achievements
  • Refuses to live a mediocre life, but struggles with overwhelm and burn out
  • Feels like you're missing out on a TON of Joy & Fulfillment and you're not sure HOW to get there
  • Battles with perfectionism and imposter syndrome

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Group & Private Coaching

  • Gain more clarity on how to manifest your heart's deepest desires related to money and love.
  • Perfect for women ranging in a middle management to Executive level position who are ready to advance into an accelerated Manifesting & Mindset program.
  • An energetic and scientific approach to rewire neuropathways and integrate a new blueprint that fosters ease and flow with goal achievement.
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The Radiant Woman Mini Course

The Radiant Woman Mini Course

  • Unsure of how to Manifest? Start your journey to call in your money and love desires here.
  • This step-by-step mini course will help build your manifesting & mindset foundation, giving you all the tools you need to start manifesting successfully without hustling
  • These modules were recorded right before I was manifesting $10K months
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The Radiant Woman Mini Course

Brave Women Stand, #1 International Bestseller

Brave Women Stand: 15 Divine Feminine Law of Success for Goddesses, is an inspirational book about women who have triumphed over obstacles and trauma in their lives to create a life worth living. Through inspirational stories, these authors inspire women to live fully creating a life they desire without any trauma or past hurts. The stories of women who just did not give up, women who understood their impact and magic on the planet – the Goddesses and nurturers of the earth will inspire every reader to stand tall, to be brave, to truly love and to live a life filled with abundance.

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5 Steps to Manifest With Ease E-book

My signature system that is helping women all over the world to attract epic love and wealth.

Manifest Anything with Ease

Jenn Adamson is a #1 International Bestselling Author & Master Mindset Coach, specializing in teaching high-achieving women how to easily attract the level of abundance and love they desire without the hustle. She was awarded the 40 Under 40 Rising Star by one of Colorado's top Business Journals. She will also be a featured speaker at TEDx Huntington Beach this September. 

She is a practicing Registered Nurse and certified in Neuro Quantum Wiring. 

Prior to becoming a Manifestation Coach, Jenn consulted and coached corporations like National Geographic, Qdoba and Whole Foods in sustainability practices. 

After 8 years of climbing the corporate ladder, Jenn felt the pull to pivot & align into her soul's work as a coach. 

She lived in India to study Eastern traditional medicine including Aryuveda and Yoga. 

Jenn has her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from the University of Colorado, a Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and is a Certified Yoga Instructor. 

She currently lives in Colorado with her 5 year old daughter, Stella.

Jennifer Adamson
Jennifer Adamson

The Transformation:

I created an incredible career in consulting and marketing with Fortune 500 Companies, but the more “successful” I became, the more trapped and powerless I felt.

In my 20s I learned how to manifest goals rapidly – money, romance, vacations, cars, titles, promotions, accolades... you name it!

And I believed the more success I became - the happier I'd be.

But instead of happiness, I'd just get a "quick hit" of satisfaction before crashing and chasing the next BIG achievement.

I was addicted to this vicious cycle for years - being trapped in hustle culture and seeking validation from external sources which only validated more of how I felt on the inside - broken, empty, isolated and feeling like a HUGE imposter!

For years, I tried SO hard to achieve the level of love, abundance and fulfillment I desired. I KNEW I was worthy, but could never get it to become my reality.

My torture, frustration, pain, suffering and loneliness sometimes felt unbearable.

I was so FED UP with being heartbroken over unfulfilled desires.

So I finally decided to do something about it.

I hired expert coaches and became obsessed with learning about Neuroscience, the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics. 

With this new gift of knowledge, I broke free from my chains of suffering.

I learned to master the balance and art of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy. 

I learned how to make myself MAGNETIC to my Soul’s desires and tap into my inner Goddess so that I could RADIATE that energy from the inside out.

This energy makes you irresistible, therefore attracting your deepest desires easily and effortlessly.

Through my transformation:

  • I became a mother despite fertility complications.
  • I met my Soulmate -  a loving, healthy, masculine man who adores me!
  • I built and now live in the home of my dreams.
  • My investment portfolio is so abundant (and growing rapidly) that if I wanted, I could choose to retire early.
  • Women all over the world are learning my system on how to achieve their dreams with ease and are getting incredible results!

And I’ve learned what is REQUIRED to be TRULY joyful and fulfilled which is now my consistent state of being - and it makes me IRRESISTABLE to the Universe's blessings!

Jennifer Adamson

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